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swildman 1 post Joined 05/13
13 May 2013
Showcase query: most recent check dates

I am building a query to show VendorID, Check#, and CheckDate
Vendors have many check numbers  and many check dates, I just want to pull the most recent check number and date per given vendor. 

mandeep_m91 5 posts Joined 05/13
16 May 2013

create multiset volatile table vt_max_date as
select vendorID,max(CheckDate) as maxDate
from vendor_info_table
group by vendorID
with data
on commit preserve rows;
select a.vendorID,a.checkNum
from vendor_info_table a, vt_max_date b
where a.vendorID = b.vendorID
and a.checkDate =b.maxDate;
Hope this helps..

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