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jasonezheng 4 posts Joined 07/13
21 Aug 2013
Running query under certain condition

I am wondering if Teradata has any function for running query under "rules".
For example, if I am having revenue data for city and zip_code. And want to create an "automatic" report for week over week change. The optmistic solution would be something like "when a city has over 5% week over week change in revenue, pick the top 5 zips with the largest week over week change". Let me know if i am describing the problem clearly.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
08 Oct 2013

I am not very clear about your requirement but I can suggest we can use a combination of small Unix scripting and Teradata combination. Have an automatic script that runs the count from the database and port to a directory. Have another continous script that checks the availability of the file having the value. If the content of the file is greater than what you require then trigger a program/code that picks the top 5 zips... that you want.
Ther may/should be a better solution :)

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