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adash-7422 33 posts Joined 01/09
01 Feb 2010
Quartile fn

Hi,We have a requirement where we have to show top regions based on quartile calculations. So if for example we have 48 regions, we would display 12th,24th,36th region. The no. of regions an change in can be 200 as well. In that case we need to display 50,100 and so on. Can this be done dynamically? and if so how? TIA

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
03 Feb 2010

Hi adash,there's a QUANTILE function, but it's outdated and should be replaced by ANSI syntax.And the nth region can be calculated using MOD, e.g. for 48 quantiles:SELECT 48 * (RANK() OVER (ORDER BY COL) - 1) / COUNT(*) OVER() AS q...QUALIFY q MOD 12 = 0Dieter


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