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bobdoss 3 posts Joined 08/08
02 Aug 2014
Python in Database

This press release Teradata-Database-15-adds-JSON-addresses-internet-of- things says Teradata 15 supports "in the core database for scripting languages Perl, Ruby, Python and R" 
It would be great to be able to do things in Teradata with Python like this: funcs.html
Greatly appreciate any pointers to technical documentation and code samples.  

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
03 Aug 2014

As for any new feature, check the Release Summary for this version.
The SCRIPT table operator is not for implementing Python functions, but Phyton/Perl/etc. scripts, i.e. TD pipes rows as strings into a Phyton script and then the output is piped back into TD:
TD || Phyton shell script || TD


bobdoss 3 posts Joined 08/08
03 Aug 2014

Thanks Dieter,
For anyone else that had trouble finding it go to page 1296 in the SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates manual. Looks like you have to download the pdf version - couldn't find the Teradata 15 manuals online so a search for "Python Teradata" doesn't find much.
Curious to learn about production uses of SCRIPT table operators and challenges and how people are using them - especailly to do analytics in Python, R, etc....
Cheers,  Bob 

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