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21 Jun 2006
problem using Informatica to load Teradata tables.

I have an issue while loading data from sql server to Teradata database. It takes a very long time to load 100K rows. when i checked the log I guess it is doing a row level insert instead of a bulk load. Here is a part of the session logMASTER> PETL_24006 Starting data movement.MAPPING> TM_6660 Total Buffer Pool size is 12000000 bytes and Block size is 64000 bytes.READER_1_1_1> DBG_21438 Reader: Source is [SA3ADLSQL02], user [ABCDEF]READER_1_1_1> BLKR_16003 Initialization completed successfully.WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8148 Writer: Target is database [JQU], user [ABCDEF], bulk mode [N/A]WRITER_1_*_1> CMN_1021 Database driver event...CMN_1021 [Teradata Event Using array fetches. Teradata Event Using Single Row Inserts. connect string = [Siebel_Warehouse_Dev]. userid = [ABCDEF]]WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8124 Target Table JQU_ProspectOwnerTracker :SQL INSERT statement:Now how can i set the option to do a BULK LOAD.? I remember there is a place to do that but I cant find it. I'd appreciate your help.Thanks.

jklee 40 posts Joined 07/06
26 Jul 2006

I don't work with Informatica anymore, but if I remember correclty, you have to choose the correct loader.For TD, there are four: Relational, Fastload, MLoad, and TPump.

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