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JorgeCarrasco 2 posts Joined 05/07
15 May 2007

Hi all,I would like to know what is the reason for modeling the demographics of a party in the CLDM, FSLDM with the posible values already set in the DEMOGRAPHIC VALUE entity vs creating a column in the PARTY DEMOGRAPHIC HIST like Party_Demographic_Val VARCHAR(50) and put any value in there. Maybe similar to FEATURES in the FSLDM.ThanksJorge

aravind-3019 39 posts Joined 08/06
16 May 2007

Hi,The Party Demographic Hist entity allows storage of specific values in the Party_Demog_Val Field.For example:The Demographic Item of the Party is Income. The Income range is $40000 to $60000 and the specific income of the Party is $45000. So, The range is associated with Demographic Item in the Demographic Value Entity and the actual income is associated with the Party in the Party Demograpchic Hist entity.Thanks and Regards,Aravind Hegde

JorgeCarrasco 2 posts Joined 05/07
16 May 2007

Thanks Aravind, and you 're right, the FSLDM model include the Party_Demog_Val attribute, but the CLDM model (version 9.1) does not include this attribute. Do you know any reason from the modeling point of view for doing so?Best Regards---Jorge

aravind-3019 39 posts Joined 08/06
17 May 2007

Hi,Sorry, I don't know the reason for it.Rgds,Aravind

psashi 11 posts Joined 05/06
23 Jul 2007

Hi guys,I am new to Teradata and very much interested to know CLDM and FSLDM. I can interpret it as a logical data model. If you can explain whats the purpose of the models and where can I see them, will help me a lot.Thanks,Sashi


ratnamch 14 posts Joined 06/12
21 Oct 2012

hi ,
what is demografics ?
how many types of demografics?
how it will work in teradata?
could you please explain brief in step by step?

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