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12 Nov 2014
NTILE Function in TOAD

HI - I'm trying to create deciles by using NTILE function in TOAD using the below syntax.
Code :
 SELECT      *,
            NTILE(10) OVER (ORDER BY SERVER_PREDICT) AS [Partition]   FROM [dbo].[scores]
Error :

[Teradata Database] [3706] Syntax error: expected something between '(' and the integer '10'.
TOAD Version Used : V3.5
Any quick help would be highly appreciated.
Parvathi Patnaik

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
12 Nov 2014

Hi Parvathi,
NTILE is not implemented in Teradata, but similar syntax, check
Missing functions: CUME_DIST & NTILE


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