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woodje 1 post Joined 04/11
12 Aug 2011
Multiple Database connections in a query


I am pulling data from an oracle 11g database. And would like to connect to our teradata data warehouse to enrich this data. I am using Toad for Analytics and have connections setup and can run queries seperatly from the two databases. However I want to Inner join the two in one query. Can this be done? If so can you direct me to some examples so I can learn how to accomplish this.


othbel 4 posts Joined 12/09
29 Apr 2012

Hi Jeff,


I don't have an magic solution, but i recommand you to check INFORMATICA Data Integrator , or use Editors wich allows multipple connection in the same sessions, but i insest that Informatica is able to achiev such as task




othbel 4 posts Joined 12/09
03 Jun 2012

Hi Jeff,


i confirm, Informatica data Integrator do such as task

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