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ColumbusKid 1 post Joined 04/06
28 Jun 2006
MLOAD Errors

Is there a way to remove rows that have insufficient data in a record within an MLOAD so the MLOAD will continue to load the rows that are of the proper length?**** 09:25:16 UTY4017 Not enough data in vartext record number 13145033.

Barry-1604 176 posts Joined 07/05
29 Jun 2006

Have you tried defining the input layout as a single VARCHAR column? Then, you should be able to only insert the rows where the length of the column was what you are looking for (using the APPLY WHERE clause).If your columns are fixed length, you can then use the SUBSTR function to break the record down into the individual fields/columns. Or, if you have variable length columns, you could either p**** through the data or use a UDF to separate the columns.

shubh 16 posts Joined 09/07
24 Feb 2011

If its a Unix File, try opening it in vi editor and check if their are any control characters in your file. This will cause Mload to abort with erorr code UTY4017


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