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manjeet 2 posts Joined 06/09
15 Sep 2009
Inserting '?' into a TD table

Hi all,How do i insert the special character '?' into a table.ThanksManjeet

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
15 Sep 2009

If it is a real question mark:Insert into Tbl(CharField)Values ('?');If it is a real special character, you need to find the hex value of the character you want to set up. For Line feed (X'0A'):Insert Into Tbl(CharField)Values ('0A'XC);

28 Oct 2009

Hahaha,Ok, if I have read this question correctly, Manjeet is actually refering to the SPECIAL CHARACTER "?" which you see in SQL Assistant. Manjeet, this is how a NULL value in a table is also represented in SQL assistant. But please note that even a CHARACTER "?" has the same representation. To avoid any confusions you can go to Tools>Options and choose "Show NULL Values AS" to "NULL" in SQL Assitant.If you want to INSERT a NULL value to a Table, just tryINSERT INTO TAB A (COLUMN)VALUES (NULL);

jezzicaz789 1 post Joined 12/09
16 Dec 2009

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