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eejimkos 73 posts Joined 01/12
20 Mar 2012
insert Data


When you insert data in a table (from zero point,with no data ...),it is better to drop it or delete it?Meaning,keeping the stats will help or will slow down the performance of inserting.It is better to drop the indexes and then re-create them?Or,leave them and let them built during inserting?



AB75151 20 posts Joined 06/09
25 Apr 2012

I guess it is a trade-off based on the number of partions that you have on the table, the volume of data that you have, the number of indexes and the type of indexes. If the volume of the data is minimal, I would suggest to delete and reload, on the other hand, it has a huge volume with out any partitions to speed up the data delete, you may drop the table. But I would always bet on deleting the data nad refreshing the stats post insert rather than creating the table and collecting the stats.

Let us see what other got to say too....

Hope this helps!


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