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shaftngears 23 posts Joined 10/08
06 Nov 2011
Index wizard is asking me to Knock of NUPI's created my other "index artists" ..

It was a complex Business Objects report with some > 30 joins and instead of coming up with some sort of Join Index recommendation I Wiz is asking me to drop a bunch of NUSI's that are'nt getting used and says it will improve the system performance 15%. I  dont follow how dropping indexes that have no relevance to queries could manage to improve performance. any thoughts on this folks ?

shaftngears 23 posts Joined 10/08
07 Nov 2011

Any takes ..? Dieter or any other knowledgable person . Indexes  lying around unused for  1  report might be getting used other places . So how can they impair performance in places where don't plan on being used.

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
23 Nov 2011

System performance includes update/ETL performance.

If there are workloads that were not supplied to index wizard, then it certainly is possible that those workloads might make use of the index.

shaftngears 23 posts Joined 10/08
09 Dec 2011

Thanks Todd. I see - that point.  But there's nothing so much so that these were factors that'd affect the present query in any manner. This is what I had in mind - thanks for confirming the same.

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