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adityasinha 1 post Joined 09/13
10 Sep 2013
Impact of using business Analytics on the business.

Is there someone who implemented marketing analytics to enhance the marketing campaign's productivity. I am not an Analyst but impressed with this concept. I recently visited some Business analyst websites and was impressed by boston analyst. Plz, share your experience here. 

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
01 Dec 2013

Hi Aditya,
Teradata has many solutions on this front like integrated marketing , marketing analytics, data management, multi channel campaign, asset management etc. Implementing business strategies  using technologies is one of the best possible ways. 

Raja K Thaw
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Alex Dsouza 1 post Joined 01/14
28 Jan 2014


Business Analytics is mainly used for analyzing the past data and also being competitive in the market. Business Intelligence is one form of Business Analytics which is also used for same purpose.
If you still have any doubts, let me know.

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