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milulove04 1 post Joined 12/07
04 Dec 2007
How to import data from Excel file

Hi all,I need to import data from Excel file in Teradata.Can you help me?Thanks,Anthony

Someshnr 53 posts Joined 06/07
05 Dec 2007

There are quite a few posts on this topic. Please search the forum with key word 'import'.

Renji 17 posts Joined 08/05
13 Dec 2007

Hi Anthony .. Here is what I found quite easy to do .. 1. Import the spreadsheet into an Access Database. You can do this very easily, no complications. 2. Export from Access to a text file with .csv and a set delimiter.3. In Queryman, set the delimiter to what you exported with in Access4. Import Data using Queryman .. (File-Import data, and then a single insert statement with your variables .. )Hope this and other responses help you .. Thanks ..

John Abraham

sathiyamurthy 1 post Joined 09/05
08 May 2008

Hi,Try this.1)Save the file as comma delimited file from Excel (CSV File).2)In SQL Assistant set the Delimiter as ","(comma) . ( Delimiter is available in Menu Tools , Options, Import/Export)3)In SQL Assistant enable the Import mode(select "Import data" in file menu).4)Run the query : INSERT INTO table_name(Col1,Col2.....Coln); Example DDL :create table student(Reg_no integer,name varchar(20),Age int)unique primary index(Reg_no);Data in File:100,s1,24101,s2,18Query :Insert into student(?,?,?);Follow this method if the number of rows are very less.

John L 1 post Joined 11/12
27 Nov 2012

Hi Sathiyamurthy
I used your suggested method as above and it worked well for 7,000 records (about 90 seconds) 438Kb.
Thanks John L


mr.umarwaqas 1 post Joined 03/13
22 Mar 2013

I am working on excel for long time. Importing conditional data from another excel is quite easy. you have to follow some simple steps without using vba and by using formula. For this purpose please visit the link below

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