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basshead 1 post Joined 07/16
20 Jul 2016
How to create churn data for customers by transaction in month?

So I have created a table that has the following columns from a transaction table with all customer purchase records: 1. Month-Year, 2.Customer ID, 3. Number of Transactions in that month.

I'm trying to create a table that has the output of 1. Month-Year, 2. Number of churned customers in that month defined as customers who have not had a transaction in the last 12 month. (So a customer would churn in Feb of 2015 if they only made one purchase in January of 2014. And if that person then has a transaction in March of 2015 but none until May 2016 then they've churned again in April of 2016).

I would appreciate any suggestions here- I know teradata is really bad at recursive function so I was thinking that if there's no solution I would just manually do each month with select range and then insert into one aggregate table to be updated each month.

Thank you!

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
20 Jul 2016

Answered on StackOverflow: How to by pass case not when exists in teradata?
Btw, recursive is not bad in Teradata if it's done the right way :)


zakyw 11 posts Joined 07/16
21 Jul 2016

Hi Dieter 
I want to Disscuss with you about Structure query in aster , how to create statement query in the aster , 
whether query in aster with the teradata is different or not ? 
by the way , have you Whatsapp ? if you have i want to disscuss via Whatsapp :) 
thanks for advice 

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