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Dan 2 posts Joined 05/06
01 Jun 2006
HOW DO I ? ? ? ?

Hi Guys, I need help with the following please;I’ve got a table that looks like this,ID NO NAME MAKE YEAR1 John Blue 20001 John Blue 20011 John Blue 20032 Mary Black 19992 Mary Black 20013 Gerry Silver 20023 Gerry Silver 20033 Gerry Silver 20043 Gerry Silver 2005 The output must be like the followingID NO NAME MAKE YEAR1 John Blue 2000,2001,20032 Mary Black 1999,20013 Gerry Silver 2002.2003,2004,2005Any help would be appreciatedMany thanksDan

DGiabbai 47 posts Joined 07/04
11 Jun 2006

Look at how to pivot a table (in your case, rows to columns) in the answer from Dieter at:

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