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blweeden 1 post Joined 08/14
22 Feb 2016
Having trouble using teradatar's td.tapply function

I'm having trouble using the td.tapply function right now.  All I get is a null result.  I can get (with different syntax) this concept to work with the regular tapply function on a regular dataframe, but not with the "td" function on a "td" dataframe.  Here's my R syntax:

my_array <- td.tapply(sops["A"], sops["B"],

+                            FUN=function(y){grepl(pattern="pattern", y,})


sops is a teradata data frame.  A and B are columns within that dataframe.  B is data that *could* be a factor, but in the teradata data frame, all the variables appear to be of a type chr(0).  Thanks for your help.



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