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geom 1 post Joined 02/11
20 Feb 2012
get the max from table that has 2 columns unique and one duplicate

Ok I was sure I knew how to do this but for some reason what I was working on was not working.

I have a table with structure like this


AccountNO        TelephoneNO     Start_Date

1234567           5191111111        01/03/2011

7654321           5191111111        04/03/2011

3459012           4161112222        04/03/2011

1256789           2122221212        05/03/2011





I need it to give me only the corresponding AccountNO and TelephoneNO where the Start_date is the max for that TelephoneNO and there are multiple records like this.

I have tried and max and group by and it is not working.


Anybody got any ideas?






ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
20 Feb 2012

select *

from table

qualify row_number() over (partition by TelephoneNO order by Start_Date desc) = 1

should work


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