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Hashly 1 post Joined 02/06
09 Feb 2006
Formating TIME to load using multi load

HiI wanto load a time field by using multiload. Data look like 16000000. what kind of format I use for this. FORMAT 'HHMISSSS' is not working.Thanks,

DEEPU 9 posts Joined 10/05
04 Mar 2006

I am assuming :TIME_FLD as your host variable.1. Use SUBSTR FUNCTION SUBSTR(:TIME_FLD,1,2) || ':' || SUBSTR(:TIME_FLD,3,2) || ':' || SUBSTR (:TIME_FLD,5,2) || '.' || SUBSTR(:TIME_FLD,7,2) to store '16000012' as '16:00:00.12' or '16:00:00.120000'Actually the storage of Time depends on the format that you give in its definition.2. You can also use simple cast(:TIME_FLD as time)but in that case '16345600' will be stored as '16:56:00'so your 3rd and 4th digit are not taken into account.Can you provide more sample data and column definition for time field .

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