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roy.kabir 3 posts Joined 03/08
12 Mar 2008
Facing error- '{' ('7B'X) is not a valid Teradata SQL token.

Execution of a Win Demo TD (8.1) stored procedure using JDBC gives the following error-'{' ('7B'X) is not a valid Teradata SQL token.There is neither such token in the stored proc file nor in the table that is being used for dynamic value input. Though I saw a similar post with the invalid token as {'OA'X) instead of '7B'X, am at wits end trying to debug this one. Any input will be highly appreciated!Thanks,Kabir

roy.kabir 3 posts Joined 03/08
14 Mar 2008

I was accessing the TD database via JDBC and the JDBC driver was incorrect. After moving to a new version (one with this specific error corrected), the stored procedure worked just fine.Regards,Taher

preeti 15 posts Joined 05/05
10 Apr 2008

just check if one of brackets are missing eg . in ${xyz}, { or } might be missing

Phani 15 posts Joined 07/04
02 May 2008

Some times comments might contain special characters like ' or " TD Syntaxer acts little funny some times. Same sql works fine in BTEQ.

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