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raj1983 7 posts Joined 02/08
13 Feb 2008
Equivalent of %TYPE and %ROWTYPE in teradata

Hello All,In oracle Both %TYPE and %ROWTYPE are used to define variables inPL/SQL as it is defined within the database. If the datatype orprecision of a column changes, the program automically picks upthe new definition from the database without having to make anycode changes.whats equivalent of this in Teradata.

rohitphobia 1 post Joined 07/08
22 Feb 2011

I also would like to know regarding this? I need this in reference to Stored Procedure from Oracle to TD

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
23 Feb 2011

Teradata (as of 13.10) has no syntax equivalent to the Oracle %TYPE and %ROWTYPE. Variables of any type may be declared in a procedure, but the exact type must be specifed directly.

raveendar 1 post Joined 05/12
03 Jun 2012

What is the SQLServer Rowtype equivalent in Teradata ?


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