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mitumanish 2 posts Joined 06/08
23 Jun 2008
Counting number of text lines in a character string

Hi, I have got a character string with muliple lines (user presses carriage return). I need to count the number of lines (number of times carraige return) is entered. Does anyone know how to do it.

rgs 106 posts Joined 02/07
25 Jun 2008

You should be able to use a recursive query to do the job. Look at this post: that example the separator was a ‘,’. You can change that to your line separator character. If you just want the count then just change the last line of the query from:select subpart from temp_table;toselect count(subpart) from temp_table;good luck.

jainayush007 50 posts Joined 03/11
30 Mar 2011

The link provided seems no more active..I would be glad if you can provide us the new link or post the example here..


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