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10 Apr 2008
Application development tools

Can anyone suggest application development tools that work on top of a Teradata database, but which provide better debugging support than do Teradata stored procedures?I'm thinking of tools like those available within Visual Basic which allow you to step through code and examine the values that a variable has taken at each step.We've developed an analytic application using Teradata stored procedures, but as the application has grown, the debugging has become much more cumbersome. We have had to build in debugging logs, snapshots of global temp tables and a variety of other tools because they are not part of the basic Teradata development suite.I tried developing part of the application in VBA, but you have to build the SQL query to pass on to Teradata through the ODBC connection. That adds as much overhead to the development process as the manual debugging required by native Teradata stored procedures.TIA for any thoughts on the subject,Nolan

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