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soumyasin 2 posts Joined 11/11
28 Nov 2011
AJI Hits Report from DBQLObjTbl table - Query?


I guess we can find out the relevance/ frequency of usage of an AJI from the table DBQLObjTbl. Can someone please let me know how?


The purpose is to find out the unused or less used AJIs in the system and thereby dropping them or finding a way to use.


Appreciate any help in this matter.



- Regards Soumya
amg 3 posts Joined 11/10
15 Feb 2012

Hello,  you may use QryLogObjectsV (View on DBQLObjTbl) to find the number of queries that hit each AJI.

In the simplest form the query could look like this:

select ObjectTableName, count(QueryID) as Cnt

from QryLogObjectsV

where ObjectType='JIx'

group by ObjectTableName

order by Cnt

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