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Tifosi 2 posts Joined 02/05
08 Mar 2005
6706 Error

Hi all,I am MLOADING some data in a table nad getting 6706 error.Not able to figure out where the problem is.One more strange behavior is that the data is loading fine in the production environment and not in the DEV environment.I have checked the table structures and all the other things but still help would be highly appreciated.

rakesh bhamare 5 posts Joined 08/06
09 Mar 2007

select * from DBC.Translationabove table show's which lang it allows. If u try to insert UNIcode data, kanji shift jis data if that char tarslation is not present then and then u will get 6706 error. then try to install that char tarnslation then it will work fine.let me know whether that work at u r end?

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