Training material for Teradata Extensibility.

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R Solutions Across the Unified Data Architecture

The adoption of R is exploding within the analytic community and so have the number of R solutions, ranging from open source R on Hadoop to parallel functions on Aster and Teradata. 

Teradata 13.10 SQL Language Functions and User Defined Ordered Analytic Functions

Teradata 13.10 continues the strategy of delivering features that enable extending the Enterprise Data Warehouse functionality. SQL Language User Defined Function (UDFs) allows function to be implemented in SQL which is a natural fit for SQL writers. This session describes the feature and use cases. It also describes other enhancements in Teradata13.10 which includes User Defined Ordered Analytic Functions and new system functions for BIT, string and numeric processing.

Teradata Geospatial - Location Intelligence

This technical presentation offers a detailed walkthrough of Teradata's Geospatial features using basic geometry shapes. With points, lines and polygons, we demonstrate the power of our geospatial analytical functions using easy to understand SQL examples.

User Defined Functions with Persistent Memory

How will you be able to use the new user defined functions with persistent memory feature to speed up your operations? We will examine three use cases and performance information regarding User Defined Functions with Persistent Memory. Specifically a persistent regular expression UDF is presented and the use of Role based persistent information is discussed. An overview is of the feature, its administration, and the basic architecture is also covered.

Enhance Business Decisions with Location Data - an Introduction to Geospatial

This presentation is an introduction to Teradata's geospatial features. Starting with a brief background to location data and the benefits that geo-location data provides over traditional addresses, we then discuss the powerful functionality now available with Teradata's new spatial data type and methods. The presentation demonstrates some examples of these features using SQL queries, some customer success stories, Teradata's geospatial EDW strengths and finally a view into Teradata's geospatial roadmap.