The aim of this, occasionally updated, set of articles is to assist a wide range of users to gain practical experience with developing “Active” Web, Web service and Portlet applications that are targeted at and make best use of Teradata.

The audience for this set of articles is expected to be very wide and will range from Teradata associates within the R&D and Professional Services organization through Teradata Customer and Partner developers (all of whom wish to learn and employ the advocated approaches to Teradata Application Development) to the potential “Next Generation” of Teradata oriented Developers that are currently in their final years of College/University and thinking about how to implement their Degree or Masters projects.

Throughout these articles the approach will be to describe first the “What” then the “Why” and finally the “How”. This mechanism allows the reader to understand “What” is going on and “Why” such that it is easier for them to project the Implementation Patterns from our “How” into their environment, which is guaranteed to be different from their ultimate requirements.

While you can dip into any individual article to get the "What, Why and How", in general each article builds upon the previous ones so you need to at least perform the operations in each article in order to build up your project workspace (we may look at providing a packaged set of projects that can be imported into a workspace at a later point).