Teradata Debugger for Java UDF


The Teradata Debugger for Java UDF is a new feature of Teradata Database 16.0 and later designed to provide a full-featured, easy to use debugger for debugging UDFs and external stored procedures written in Java. It extends the abilities of the standard Eclipse Java IDE and addresses limitations of general debuggers, such as the inability to handle multiple, parallel JVM instances, a situation that is very common on Teradata Database systems. 

Refer to the Installation Guide for instructions on installing JUDB Eclipse via the Eclipse Update Site process. You can either download the zip file, or use the Debugger URL (specified in the Installation Guide) in the install process.

To ask questions or discuss issues with JUDB Eclipse, please use the Teradata Debugger Forum.

Not recommended for use on production systems. Debugging directly on a production system could potentially affect the overall system performance and cause other issues.

Teradata does not support issues caused by use on a production system.

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Teradata Debugger for Java UDF