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Teradata Benchmark Query Driver V5


New Release!!

TdBench V7.2 is now available for Linux at

TdBench 5.0 Description (MS DOS version from 2010)

This package provides a framework for executing benchmarks driven by a Windows Server or PC and reporting on the results using DBQL. There are also tools for extracting a cohesive set of queries and tables from DBQL to define the benchmark.

TdBench helps you compare performance within a data warehouse:

  • before/after a new release of the DBMS
  • before/after changes to the PDM (indexes, compression, etc)
  • relative performance of a new database platform

To get started, please read the Teradata Benchmark Query Driver reference.

These tools are provided free of charge in the belief that good benchmarks are an accurate reflection of your real or planned production load. If Teradata customers and prospects can do a better job of executing such tests with the use of this software, they will be able to make better decisions on selection of tools, planning for rollout, and managing system growth.

For community support, please visit the Tools forum.

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Teradata Benchmark Query Driver V5