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TdBench7.2 - Teradata Only



TdBench 8.0 for any DBMS has been released! It works with any DBMS that supports JDBC.  The commands are very similar to earlier releases but there are many new features to improve simulation of data warehouse workloads. 

Click here for TdBench 8.0 for any DBMS

TdBench had originally been created to improve productivity in the setup and execution of competitive benchmarks. A 5.0 version that ran on MS/DOS was published in 2010 in conjuction with a Partners Presentation. 

The product has evolved considerably since then, first moving to Linux, and then adding new productivity features and tools.  With the 7.0 release, we added integration with PDCR data and this most recent release adds the ability to analyze data from a current and prior release of Teradata.

We are making the 7.2 release available on DevX for two reasons:
  1. To allow customers where we have built "Upgrade Impact Benchmarks" to download updates to the query driver and its tools
  2. To make the software available to other customers who want to build their own benchmarks to assess the impact of new software releases as Teradata moves to quarterly software updates.  

This latest version:

  • Easily simulates complex workloads with simple commands
  • Tracks tests, captures DBMS/TASM configurations and archives logs
  • Provides analysis views and macros that select DBQL and Resusage data by RunID
  • Setup builds analysis views  from
    • Resusage/DBQL in  DBC, or
    • DBC unioned to PDCR, or
    • current DBC release vs prior release DBC
  • Open architecture in Linux allows running other applications including “brand x” query drivers to leverage tdbench reporting
  • Support OS workers to support non-query activities such as data loading. Can be used to prepare benchmark in parallel.
  • for command & control of active tests plus integration of tools like speedtest, backup_work, wrapup, and setting upTPC-DS and TPC-H benchmarks

There are 2 download versions for Linux and one for Windows:

  1. Complete functionality query driver that installs on Linux, provides SETUP to create databases on Teradata, executes tests and provides analysis views
  2. Same as #1, but also includes scripts data generator for TPC-DS and TPC-H built into the tools of


TdBench Excel template which

  • allows selection of runs from the testtracking table,
  • selection of macros/views beginning with RPT% in the benchmark database,
  • allows additional constraints to be added for selects against views
  • will create spreadsheets for the select views/macros and runids
  • has buttons to update the Conditions and Notes columns in the testtracking table


Supplimental Materials: (See "Packages" above for software)

Installation Instructions (extracted from above zip files) /sites/all/files/files/TdBenchV7_2_Installation_Instructions(1).docx
All Help on TdBench commands (extracted from above zip) /sites/all/files/files/TdBenchV7_2_all_help(1).txt
Powerpoint presentation with speaker notes describing TdBench use & analysis /sites/all/files/files/tdbenchv7_2_intro(2).pptx
Running TPC-DS and TPC-H benchmarks under TdBench 7.2 /sites/all/files/files/TdBench_Support_for_TPC(2).docx overview - benchmark setup, monitoring, and support tools /sites/all/files/files/TdBench_7_2_tdb_sh_overview.pptx

YouTube videos: 

TdBench - A Data Warehouse Query Driver - Video 1 of 4


TdBench simplifies simulating complex data warehouse workloads composed of queries and data loading and integrates tools for quickly analyzing results. This is 1 of 4 videos, describing what is TdBench and how it has been used.

How To Run TdBench - Video 2 of 4


This describes the scripting language of TdBench and how to execute tests interactively and in batch. It also provides an overview of the advanced commands for simulating a workload and creating multi-step test suites.

How Does TdBench Work - Video 3 of 4


This describes how TdBench is setup on Linux and in Teradata, and describes how files, databases, and processes work.

How To Use TdBench Analysis - Video 4 of 4


This video describes the analysis tools in TdBench including queries against views and the TdBench Excel Reporting Template.  It also provides download and support information.

Play all of the above




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TdBench7.2 - Teradata Only