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Learn From The Leaders


Are you struggling to unlock value from your data? What do the leaders know that you don't?

Learn from the Leaders is an engaging and easy to use interactive tool which provides you with valuable insights from some of the most successful executives across many industries. These executives share their stories and give advice based on their experiences in driving breakthrough business value by unlocking the value of data. Topics covered include the value of integrated data, the value of active data, driving business value and ROI, how to get started, why all platforms are not created equal, as well as a brief interactive survey which benchmarks your current and future business needs and provides insights on what platform is right for you.  In addition, upon completing the survey you will be able to download a whitepaper, Leapfrog the Competition:  The Five Essential Questions to Ask for Every Data Warehouse Investment, as well as downloading a customized report based on your survey inputs.
The Learn From The Leaders presentation package is available as a download for Windows and Mac OS.

You can also access a web version directly at, or download the iPad version via the App Store on your iPad.


  1. Download the Learn From The Leaders package for your platform (Windows or Mac OS) via the links above.
  2. Double-click the downloaded package ( for Windows; LFTL.tar.gz or LFTL.tar for Mac OS) to expand it. You should then see an "LFTL" folder.
  3. Follow the instructions in the readme.pdf file in the LFTL folder.
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Learn From The Leaders