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 The Teradata Geospatial Extension includes types, methods, functions, and utilities for loading, modeling, and analyzing spatial objects.


Teradata Geospatial Release 1.4

The Orange Book can be found in install\doc\Geospatial Orange Book.doc

The open source libraries can be found in install\Open Source.

Release 1.4
- TDGeoImport in releases prior to 1.4 did not support splitting large
  polygons with inner rings when the "-z 2" option was used.  This restriction
  has been removed with release 1.4.  The existing "-z 2" option will now
  split polygons/multipolygons with inner rings in them.
- There was a bug where TDGeoImport may generate a geometry that is slightly
  too big, which would fail during the mload execution.  This has been fixed.
- Beginning in 1.3, AggGeomIntersection and AggGeomUnion would erroneously report
  an error if a MultiPolygon or MultiLineString were involved in the
  aggregation.  This has been fixed.  MultiPolygons and MultiLineStrings
  are supported in the union and intersection aggregate functions.  Geometry
  collections are not supported, and an error will be reported if a geometry
  collection is passed to the aggregate function or if a geometry collection
  is produced during the execution of the aggregate function (e.g., union of
  a point and a linestring, which produces a geometry collection).

Release 1.3

- Fixed a problem where the installation would fail if you unzipped the
  installation files into a Windows directory that contains spaces in
  the path name.  ERRORWITHPATH would show up in the external name
  clause of CREATE FUNCTION statements.
- Fixed a problem where you install the geospatial files onto a Linux
  system for the first time and it is unable to create the
  /home/tdatuser/geospatial/1.0 directory.  The previous solution was
  to repeat the installation a second time.  This is no longer
- Fixed a problem where you may get a library not found error after
  adding additional UDTs/functions to the SYSUDTLIB database.  A
  /etc/ld.so.conf.d/tdgeospatial.conf file was added so that ld
  can locate the libraries in /home/tdatuser/geospatial/1.0.
- Fixed two problems in AggGeomUnion and AggGeomIntersection
  concerning NULL parameters passed to this functions and NULL geometry
- The install will now abort with an error message if you try to install
  this on an invalid platform/DBS version.  Supported versions include:
  MP-RAS (6.x and greater), Windows (6.x and 12.x), Linux (6.x and 12.x).

Release 1.2

- Fixed failure in ST_Transform on Linux and MP-RAS platforms.
  Error message: Error in call to transform in ST_Point_Transform.
  This fix may also prevent lib rev errors after a DBS restart.
- Fixed performance bug on MP-RAS when SpheroidalDistance is
  called on two points that are at the same location.

Release 1.1

- Added SpheroidalDistance functions
- Fixed missing libraries for SLES10 and Windows 64-bit installation

Release 1.0

- Original release