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Analytics Library Product Overview

The Analytics Library consists of a Java XSP (a SQL generator), 2 table operators (to support the KMeans and Decision Tree algorithms) and statistical test lookup tables that enable Data Scientists to analyze large datasets at scale. It operates entirely inside Vantage SQL Engine (SQLE) and no additional infrastructure is required to run. The Analytics Library behaves like a database version of an API and is compatible with Vantage SQLE 16.20 and 17.0 and 17.05. It is easy to install and requires only 40MB of space in the SQLE database for the functions.The Analytics Library provides data scientists with the following capabilities, directly in the Vantage SQLE:

•    Descriptive Statistics
          ○  Data Quality/Values
          ○  Univariate Statistics
          ○  Frequency
          ○  Histogram
          ○  RI Analysis (column overlap)
          ○  Text Field Analysis
•    Data Transformation
          ○  Bin Code
          ○  Formula Derivation
          ○  One-Hot Encoding
          ○  Null Value Replacement
          ○  Recode/Rescale
          ○  Sample **NEW**
          ○  Sigmoid/Z-Score

•    Hypothesis Tests
          ○  Parametric Tests
          ○  Binomial Tests
          ○  Contingency Tests
          ○  KS Tests
          ○  Rank Tests
•    Model Building & Scoring
          ○  Matrix (ESSCP/Covariance/Correlation)
          ○  Linear Regression
          ○  Logistic Regression
          ○  Factor Analysis
          ○  K-Means
          ○  Decision Tree
          ○  Association Rules/Sequence Analysis

Teradata Vantage Analytics Library software can be installed on any Vantage deployment platform, including:

•    On-premises, including IntelliFlex, IntelliBase, 6xxx, and 2xxx series
•    VMWare
•    AWS
•    Azure
•    Google Cloud