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Vantage Model Cataloging


Model Cataloging

Model Cataloging allows users to save the model related information in such a way that it can be reused using the supported functions from the Vantage Advanced SQL and Machine Learning Engines via SQL, Teradata Python Package (teradataml) or Teradata R client Package (tdplyr) client analytic libraries

teradataml offers APIs to use Model Cataloging, allowing users to:

  • Save a model and related information to the Advanced SQL database;
  • List the saved models;
  • Describe a model;
  • Retrieve a model;
  • Publish a model;
  • Delete a model.

In order for any user to use the model cataloging feature in teradataml, setup must be performed by the administrator on the Vantage system. The required scripts along with the instructions to set up the Vantage system are part of this bundle vantage_model_cataloging_1.0.0.tar.gz.

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Vantage Model Cataloging