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Teradata R Package Product Overview

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The Teradata® R Package product combines the benefits of open-source R language environment with the massive parallel processing capabilities of Teradata Vantage, which includes the Teradata Machine Learning Engine analytic functions and the Teradata SQL Engine in-database analytic functions. Teradata R Package allows users to develop and run R programs that take advantage of the Big Data and Machine Learning analytics capabilities of Teradata Vantage.

The Teradata R Package product is tdplyr, an R library package like other open-source R packages. The package interface makes available to R users a collection of functions for analytics that reside on Teradata Vantage, so that R users can perform analytics with no SQL coding required. Specifically, the tdplyr package provides functions for data manipulation and transformation, data filtering and sub-setting, and can be used in conjunction with open-source R capabilities. Moreover, the tdplyr package conforms and works with the verbs and functions of the dplyr and dbplyr packages.

Note: tdplyr latest version is available for install and download from


The Teradata R Package works over connections to:

- Teradata Vantage with SQL Engine and ML Engine

- Teradata Vantage with SQL Engine only


General product information is available in the Teradata Documentation Website.

Teradata R Package User Guide – B700-4005

Teradata R Function Reference – B700-4007

For Teradata customer support, please visit Teradata Access. For community support, please visit the Teradata Connectivity Forum.