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tdplyr Sandbox environment


tdplyr will provide a sandbox environment that can be used to run user scripts outside Vantage. User can test scripts in a Vantage-like environment before uploading them for execution in the target Advanced SQL Engine. The sandbox environment is based on a SLES12 SP3 docker image that contains an R distribution (interpreter and add-on libraries) based on the latest Teradata In-nodes R release for SLES12-SP3:

  • R interpreter (Version 3.6.3)
  • Add-on libraries for R

User can choose to setup the docker environment and test R scripts by running them inside the docker container, or user can directly execute scripts on Vantage. 
The sandbox environment docker image name is "rstosandbox:1.0".

The docker image size is about 4.5 GB. Due to the large size, Teradata recommends downloading it beforehand, and saving it into a local folder.

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tdplyr Sandbox environment