OLE DB Provider for Windows i386 (32-bit)
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This product has been discontinued. The last version released was 15.00.

The Teradata OLE DB Provider allows you to connect to the Teradata database using a Microsoft OLE DB interface.

Installation instructions for versions 14.10.00.xx and later :


1) Download & install ODBC Driver for Teradata suite from here.  Please choose corresponding version i.e., for OLE DB version 14.10.00.xx install ODBC driver suite version 14.10.xx.xx

2) Download & install OLE DB Provider package (from this page).  


Installation instructions for versions 14.00.00.xx and earlier :


1) Download the OLE DB Provider for Teradata bundle (from this page) containing packages for OLE DB Provider for Teradata, Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata and Teradata GSS.  Install all 3 packages in the order of ICU, TeraGSS and OLE DB Provider.