Teradata Warehouse Miner - Express Edition


The latest software available for download here is Teradata Warehouse Miner 05.04.04 Express Edition. This is a complete version of the Teradata Warehouse Miner product set, without an evaluation time limit, however, it is limited in use to up to 40 GB of "connected" data. (Note that the validation of the 40 GB limit for the Express Edition requires SELECT access to the dbc.allspace view in Teradata or EXECUTE permission on the nc_relationstats SQL-MR function in Aster for the user.)

To get started with TWM - Express Edition, please download the "TWM Express Introduction" PDF above.

This introductory document provides the following information:

  • Limitations of the Express Edition
  • Overview of the TWM family of products
  • General installation and configuration instructions
  • Configuring the tutorial environment
  • Examples of using the product

The Release Definition (.pdf, available above) has a list of all new features, fixes, defects, restrictions and dependencies. The complete TWM User Guide 3 Volume documentation set is also included as pdf files above.

Before installing TWM 05.04.04, follow these instructions, in sequential order:

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of Teradata Warehouse Miner or its derivative products if they were installed.
  2. Ensure that a supported 32-bit Teradata ODBC driver from TTU 14.10,15.0, 15.10, 16.0 or 16.10 is installed, available here: ODBC Driver for Windows.  If connecting to an Aster Database, ensure that a supported 32-bit Aster ODBC driver from Aster Client Tools 6.00, 6.10 or 6.20 is installed, available here: Aster Client Tools for Windows
  3. Install the Teradata Warehouse Miner 05.04.04 Express Edition.
  4. Refer to the Installation and Configuration section of the "TWM Express Introduction" document for additional instructions on configuring Teradata Warehouse Miner prior to your first use.

For community support for this product, please visit the Analytics forum.

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Teradata Warehouse Miner - Express Edition