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Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware User Guide

Teradata Express for VMware (TDE-V) is a free, fully operational Teradata VM with up to one terabyte of storage. Imagine being able to install a fully operational Teradata database on your PC and be running queries in five minutes, easy as 1-2-3.

The Life of a Teradata Query

This presentation follows a Teradata SQL query from its origin at the client through the components of the parsing engine (PE), dispatched execution steps through the BYNET, step execution and file system management in the access module processor (AMP), merge and sorting of the response through the BYNET to the PE, and returning the answer set to the client.

How TD Compression Reduces Storage Space and Enhances System Performance

Go in-depth on how NULLs and Compression are managed in a Teradata system.

Teradata Security - Part 2

Security of data warehouse assets is a primary concern for most enterprises. This course focuses on securing network access to a Teradata data warehouse. This is Part 2 of 2.

Teradata Security - Part 1

This course focuses on securing network access to a Teradata data warehouse. This is Part 1 of 2.

Teradata's New Priority Scheduler

Don’t miss this opportunity for an in-depth discussion about the “new” Priority Scheduler for Teradata 14, available for the Linux SLES 11 operating system.

Look Ma, No Hands!

Many of the day-to-day Teradata DBA activities are automatic. Learn how and why so many DBA functions can be handled by Teradata - all by itself.

Teradata Database 13.10 SQL Solutions for Real-World Temporal Problems

Data Warehouses are known for storing data over time, both historical point-in-time transactions as well as temporal data that is valid over a range of time. Storing this data is one thing, but retrieving it to answer critical business questions can be a Structured Query Language (SQL) challenge...

Space, the Final Frontier

Space, the Final Frontier - a.k.a. Why Am I Running out of Spool?

Teradata Database 14 Overview

Learn all about Teradata Database 14!