Training material for the Teradata Database.

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Look Ma, No Hands!

Many of the day-to-day Teradata DBA activities are automatic. Learn how and why so many DBA functions can be handled by Teradata - all by itself.

Teradata Database 13.10 SQL Solutions for Real-World Temporal Problems

Data Warehouses are known for storing data over time, both historical point-in-time transactions as well as temporal data that is valid over a range of time. Storing this data is one thing, but retrieving it to answer critical business questions can be a Structured Query Language (SQL) challenge...

Space, the Final Frontier

Space, the Final Frontier - a.k.a. Why Am I Running out of Spool?

Teradata Database 14 Overview

Learn all about Teradata Database 14!

Explaining the EXPLAIN

A topic that is essential for all SQL programmers and database designers. This session examines the mysteries of the English text that appears when an EXPLAIN is requested.

Breaking through the Partition Barrier

Teradata Database 14.0's new partition limit of 9223372036854775807 (over 9 quintillion) is coming!

Seven Steps to Activating Your Data Warehouse

In this session we will define the concept of Teradata Active Enterprise Intelligence (AEI) and describe seven key elements for evolving from traditional data warehousing to active data warehousing.

Teradata Database 13.10 Overview

Teradata Database 13.10 is here and available today!

How to Determine Candidates for Multi-Level Partitioned Primary Index with DBQL

One of the more difficult challenges in database management and administration is determining where and how to implement a new RDBMS feature or function. In this presentation we’ll look at the DBQL data available for evaluation of tables and columns used within a workload and how this data can be leveraged for determining candidates for MLPPI (Multi-Level Partitioned Primary Index).

Implementing Tactical Queries in a Mixed Workload Environment

Increasing numbers of Teradata users are introducing tactical queries alongside the more traditional strategic work and near real time data loading ...