Training material for the Teradata Database.

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Controlling the Mix: What's New in Teradata Active Syst Mgmt for Teradata 14.0 & 14.10

Workload Management is a critical component of balancing application demands and ensuring consistent application performance.

Teradata 101 The Strategy and Technology Basics

A database is a database, so if I know one , then I know them all, right?  Not really...

Teradata’s New Priority Scheduler for SLES 11

Join this in-depth presentation that covers the basics of the New Teradata Priority Scheduler available with Linux SLES 11 operating system. 

How Teradata Works – the Extended Version

For anyone new to Teradata, this session is to acquaint you with the Teradata technology.

Teradata Star-Schema Designs

This presentation explains how to physically implement a classic Star design with central fact table surrounded by several de-normalized dimension tables on Teradata.

Migrating Your Oracle Database to a Teradata Data Warehouse

Your company is new to Teradata and wants to move Oracle managed user data into the new data warehouse. As a DBA, your assignment is to move this data into the Teradata system.

Teradata Database 14.10 SQL Solutions for Real-World Temporal Problems

Data Warehouses are known for storing data over time, both historical point-in-time transactions as well as temporal data that is valid over a range of time...

AMP Worker Tasks

This session gives a close-up picture of what AMP worker tasks are and how they support user work.

R14.10 Temporal Feature Deep Dive

When Teradata released its new temporal capabilities in 2010, it caused us all to start to thinking differently about the element of time in the Data Warehouse by providing powerful tools for managing and navigating temporal & bitemporal data structures. With the release of Teradata R14.10, we will be challenged still further.

Teradata Database 14.10 Overview

Learn all about TD 14.10!