Training material for the Teradata Database.

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Controlling the Mix: What’s New in Teradata Active Systems Management for TD15.0

Workload Management is a critical component of balancing application demands and ensuring consistent application performance ...

Now You See It, Now You Can't - How to Use Encryption in Teradata Systems

Many industry regulations, standards, and policies mandate the use of strong encryption to meet various security requirements.

Teradata 15.0 QueryGrid

QueryGrid provides access to multiple data sources within UDA for Teradata Database 15.0. Learn what QueryGrid provides, how to set it up, and how users access remote data in a self-service manner.

Data Collection for a Solid Performance Management Foundation

This presentation reviews the benefits of collecting performance data on the Teradata platform.

Introduction to Teradata Active System Management (TASM)

TASM gives customers the ability to manage Teradata resource usage and performance on platforms executing diverse types of work.

Statistics Enhancements in Teradata Database 14.0/14.10

This session focuses on statistics enhancements in Teradata Database 14.10, particularly the new threshold functionality, skipping statistics, and downgrade to sampling.

Teradata Database Architecture Overview

The Teradata Database system is different from other databases in a number of fundamental ways. If you want to know what these differences are and how they make it possible for Teradata to deliver unlimited scalability in every dimension, high performance, simple management, Query Grid to Hadoop and other databases and all the other requirements of the Active Data Warehouse and structured Big Data, then this is the session for you.

A Structured Method for Tuning Teradata SQL

SQL performance is vital for driving value from a data warehouse. With today's growing query complexity, optimizing SQL can be a daunting task ...

Best Practices for Writing and Tuning Teradata SQL

This session is intended for those already familiar with writing SQL but who are somewhat new to Teradata.

Putting Teradata Geospatial On The Map

The Teradata Database provides a powerful and scalable platform for storing and processing geospatial data