This session explores the new options available for setting hard limits at different levels in the SLES11 priority hierarchy.

The key focus of this technical implementation session is on Workload Management Capacity on Demand (WM COD), which limits resource consumption of CPU and I/O at the database level.  In addition, virtual partition hard limits and workload hard limits are covered.  Learn how all three levels of hard limits in SLES11 interact when applied in combination, and how to set them within Viewpoint Workload Designer.  The session also covers tradeoffs and considerations in using SLES11 hard limits.

WM COD is available for SLES11 Teradata sites as a means of reducing the resource capacity for an entire database, usually after a hardware expansion or following a new installation.  Please note that configuration guidelines, contract-based procedures or sales agreements related to WM COD are not included in this session.

Carrie Ballinger - Teradata Corporation
Brian Mitchell - Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Database Administrator, Designer/Architect, Application Developer

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Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.25