While organizations store temporal data that is in effect over a period of time, efficiently querying that data to provide business insights can be a challenge.

For example, an insurance company could ask "What periods of time have my insurance customers had no active policies, at least one active policy, or multiple active policies?". This session demonstrates solutions to these type of problems using 1) stored procedures, 2) SQL without ordered analytical functions, and 3) SQL with ordered analytical functions. It then highlights magnitudes of performance gains when the optimal solution is used. The session also introduces how Teradata 13.10 features of 1) Period table functions, 2) Expand On clause, and 3) SQL User-Defined Functions provide additional benefits. The 2010 webcast of this title is one of Teradata Education Network’s top 10 most viewed webcasts, so come and see how the latest version of this presentation will help solve real problems for your organization.

Note: This was a 2012 Partners Conference session, updated from a prior version.

Presenter: Darrin Gaines, Senior Consultant – Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Audience Targeted: Data Warehouse Application Specialist, DW Architect/Designer, DW Technical Specialist, Data Warehouse Business User, Data Warehouse Modeler

Course number 46063
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