Don’t miss this opportunity for an in-depth discussion about the “new” Priority Scheduler for Teradata 14, available for the Linux SLES 11 operating system.

Carrie, author of the New Priority Scheduler Orange Book, steps you through how it works, and offers some usability pointers to get you ready for the change-over.

In this session, you’ll get a close look at the architecture of this new feature, and will become acquainted with the new priority groupings and their characteristics. We show how resources are divided up by the New Priority Scheduler and examine special benefits it makes available to your tactical workloads.

Whether you’re a DBA, a data warehouse architect, or just technically curious, you’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of how priorities will work in your Teradata systems tomorrow.

Note: This was a 2011 Teradata Partners Conference session.

Teradata Release information: Teradata 14.0

Presenter: Carrie Ballinger, Sr. Technical Consultant - Teradata

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Audience: Data Warehouse Administrator, Data Warehouse Architect/Designer

Course number:49899
Training URL:
Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.50