This course was designed for Data Analysts and Business Users of the Teradata Data Warehouse. It covers data distribution, access, storage and Teradata terminology and how to use the Teradata Utility SQL Assistant to submit Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. This course offers practical, hands-on experience with retrieving and manipulating data with Teradata SQL using both ANSI standard conventions and Teradata extensions to the language.


  • High level overview of the Teradata database including definition of terms, architecture and components of the Teradata Database.
  • Using a Primary Index of a table to distribute and store the rows of a table.
  • Using the optional Secondary Index of a table to improve data access performance.
  • SQL programming language including commands, syntax and relational concepts.
  • Using SQL Assistant.
  • Use of Teradata's HELP facilities to retrieve information on tables and indexes.
  • Export data into Excel.
  • Convert and format data for reporting purposes.
  • Produce reports using aggregation operators to produce totals and subtotals.
  • Apply row logic against tables using the CASE statement.
  • Perform string manipulations against Teradata data types.
  • Perform inner, left, right, and full outer joins.
  • Perform simple rankings on rows in a table.
  • Produce reports showing cumulative sums, moving sums, moving averages and moving differences.
  • Use a subquery versus a join.
  • Extract samples of data from a table.

Software Requirements

  • Teradata ODBC Driver
  • Teradata SQL Assistant (licensed product, must have been purchased by your company)
This course is offered by the Teradata Education Network. To enroll online, click the Training URL link below to go to the TEN site and Log in. If you're not a member click browse, select your region, and search on the Course Number. Or to enroll by phone, call the Enrollment Center at 1-937-242-4460. Note: You must be a member to register for a course.

Audience: This course is intended for the Business Users of the data warehouse who want to efficiently access and manipulate data from the data warehouse. This course is not intended to prepare the student for the Teradata Certification exams.

Course number 40541
Training URL
Format Web-based
Price $1192.00
Credit hours 24.00