Offers practical, hands-on experience with retrieving & manipulating data with Teradata Structured Query Language (SQL) using both ANSI standard conventions & Teradata extensions.


  • Basic relational concepts & their implementation using SQL
  • Retrieving data using the SELECT statement
  • Using logical & arithmetic expressions, & output formatting
  • Producing reports using table joins, subqueries, aggregation, & string manipulation
  • Creating tables & views using column attributes & check constraints
  • Choosing the appropriate Teradata data type for column definitions
  • Maintaining data using INSERT, UPDATE, & DELETE in both their simple & advanced forms
  • How to create & execute macros using run time parameters
  • ANSI standard join processing including inner, outer, left, right, cross, & product joins.
  • Set manipulations using set operators
  • Aggregations using both ANSI & Teradata specific functions
  • Use of the RANK & TOP N functions to rank data according to defined criteria
  • Use of the Teradata built-in functions for providing system & session level information
  • Use of the Teradata sampling function to produce samples from existing table data
  • Use of the HELP & SHOW facilities to obtain information from the Data Dictionary about data structures associated with Teradata databases, users, tables, view, macros, & indexes
  • Use of Teradata’s DATE data type for date & time oriented reporting
  • SQL request processing in the batch environment (BTEQ)
This course is offered by the Teradata Education Network. To enroll online, click the Training URL link below to go to the TEN site and Log in. If you're not a member click browse, select your region, and search on the Course Number. Or to enroll by phone, call the Enrollment Center at 1-937-242-4460. Note: You must be a member to register for a course.

Audience: Individuals who design, administer, support, maintain or write applications for a Teradata DB such as: Data Modeler, DBA, DW Architect, Data Transformation Specialist, Enterprise Architect, IT Architect, System Administrator/Operator, Technical or DW Applications Specialist (Application Developer; Programmer/Analyst), DW Technical Specialist. Prepare for the Teradata Certified SQL Specialist exam.

Course number 31926
Training URL
Format Web-based
Price $1192.00
Credit hours 34.00