Offers training in advanced features & techniques used for retrieving & manipulating data with Teradata Structured Query Language (SQL) using both ANSI standard conventions & Teradata extensions to the language.


  • Distinguish between the features & functionality of ANSI & Teradata SQL.
  • Use of the Teradata DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP & time ZONE data types for date & time-oriented queries.
  • Use of INTERVAL data types to perform complex data arithmetic in time-oriented queries.
  • Application of internationalized numeric & date/time formatting options.
  • Creating OLAP queries using advanced ranking functions such as RANK, QUANTILE, & WIDTH_BUCKET.
  • Use of Ordered Analytic Functions for Group, Sum, Cumulative & Remaining Window Aggregations.
  • Use of the two implementations of the CASE statement for row-level processing.
  • Use of R&OM & SAMPLE functions for generating data or extracting samples of existing data.
  • Use of Teradata extended grouping functions – ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING SETS
  • Storage & retrieval of large binary objects, both character & binary
  • Use of volatile & global temporary tables to address application requirement issues
  • Creating correlated subqueries which reduce the need for temporary tables
  • Creation of tables with appropriate constraints for referential integrity & the controlling of data insertion
  • Implementation of column compression for performance & reduced storage costs using single or multi-value compression.
  • Creating new tables from existing tables & how to copy data & table attributes from the source table
  • Use of the MERGE INTO command for ANSI Upsert processing
  • ANSI standard features such as EXISTS statement, Correlated Subqueries, Derived Tables, Null Handling, & DATE/TIME Extraction
This course is offered by the Teradata Education Network. To enroll online, click the Training URL link below to go to the TEN site and Log in. If you're not a member click browse, select your region, and search on the Course Number. Or to enroll by phone, call the Enrollment Center at 1-937-242-4460. Note: You must be a member to register for a course.

Audience: Individuals who design, administer, support, maintain or write applications for a Teradata DB, and for the Teradata Certified SQL exam.

Course number 31927
Training URL
Format Web-based
Price $1192.00
Credit hours 34.00