Is your architecture characterized by excessive costs, supportability issues and business dissatisfaction?

This session examines 6 habitual architecture mistakes observed on numerous client projects …

  1. employing a technology-driven approach
  2. allowing the architecture to accidentally evolve
  3. ignoring organizational constraints
  4. deviating from fundamental principles
  5. reinventing the wheel for common design problems,
  6. straying from engineering discipline. 

The presenter explores four architecture components that are essential for avoiding the mistakes:

  1. a structured architecture framework
  2. architecture principles & advocated positions
  3. design patterns & implementation alternatives
  4. reference architectures.

The session concludes with proven recommendations for maturing architecture capabilities.  You will leave the presentation not only better educated on architecture, but armed with ideas for architecting high-quality solutions in your own environment.

Note: This was a 2015 Teradata Partners Conference session.

Presenter: Eddie Sayer - Teradata Corporation

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