This presentation will provide recommendations and guidelines for using leading practices to enable system and performance tuning.  You will learn the benefits of using Teradata's most recent set of recommendations to manage workloads on a Teradata system. For example, by using Teradata's data collection guidelines, recommendations for Account Management and Logging, a user will be able to identify, analyze and tune problem queries for better performance. This presentation will also focus on how to use the tools provided in the Teradata Analyst Pak. 

Key Points

Establishing the Foundation

  • Performance Data Collection
  • System Performance Reports
  • Alerts
  • Standard Heartbeat Queries
  • Service Level Goals (SLGs) Defined
  • Using the Data and Tools

Identify system tuning opportunities using Resusage

  • Identify application/query tuning using DBQL
  • Usage of the Teradata Analyst Pak and other available tools

Barbara Christjohn, Principal Consultant - Teradata Corporation
Dan Fritz, Product Manager - Teradata Corporation

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Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00